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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Spring Scholarship Essay Contest for students

Admission-writer.com is organising an writing competition for students to motivate the youngsters to improve their writing skills and this seasonal writing contest is a great challenge for those who want to practice in writing and get a fine reward for their pains.

Competition Rules
High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students can participate in the contest
Send your finished essay to scholarship@admission-writer.com to participate

Dates: Starting date: March 1st, 2020; closing date: June 1st, 2020; last submission date: May 31st; announcement date: June 4th, 2020.
Note: after the deadline no essays won’t be considered.
Topics for Essays
Choose the one from the topics below to create your essay:

How will Brexit affect the European Union and the whole world?
Does separating garbage in the USA and Europe help oceans near Asian countries?
Do you believe that once artificial intelligence becomes smarter than the human? 
Do you agree with the statement that "The faster technology develops the more humans are degraded"?
Why do the public and the academy often disagree with choosing an Oscar winner?

How Should You Format Your Essay?
The language of the essay is English
The word count is no less than 600 and no more than 1200 words
The file format of the essay should be docx. Any other format won’t be accepted
If you think that your essay will be incomplete without an image, then you can include it. However, mind that it is essential to state the initial source of the image
Provide the following information at the very beginning of your essay: Name, Last Name, Country, Email address, and your school/education information

Selection of Winners
A team of professional editors and writers will be the panel of judges on this contest! They are masters of their craft and know all ins and outs of the top-notch paper writing so they will review the papers with all due care. The specialists will check grammar, rhetoric, the quality of content, and writing and presentation skills.

Take your time, revise and edit the text properly as the competition will be fierce so any typo may cast you aside from the desired prize.

The perfect essay should be:

Cover the topic completely
Theexperts will define the three winners whose essays will receive the highest score.

Who is eligible?
High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students are eligible to participate. There are no gender, race or age limitations. The scholarship application is free for everyone.

What are the prizes?
Top 3 essays will be rewarded with a cash prize. In addition, the best essays will be published on the organiser's site and on our social media profiles (if the author’s permission is granted).

What is the deadline?
1 June 2020.

Scholarship fund
The authors of the best essays will receive a cash prize:

1st place - $1000
2nd place - $600
3rd place - $400
Application Deadline


  1. Are Indian students allowed to participate?

    1. Yes. We only include competitions that are open to Indian students.

  2. When will the result be out?

    1. Winners already announce and available on their website : https://admission-writer.com/blog/scholarship


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