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Friday, 16 July 2021

Mastermind Pre-School League and School League Competitions

Masterminds is a 10-year-old organization that was established with the purpose to enhance the cognitive skills, character development and overall educational experience of students through co-curricular activities.
Masterminds is a competition for all children from Nursery to 8th grade. Designed to help children develop and improve their communication and cognitive skills, Masterminds encourages them to Discover. Learn. Compete

Pre-School League (for Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG)

Pre-School English

A step that is specifically aimed at enhancing students' vocabulary and language skills.

Pre-School Math
A step that is aimed at enhancing students' analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Pre-School EVS
A step that is aimed at nurturing the curiosity and creativity of the child.

Masterminds Student League (School League (For Grade 1 and above))
In line with its vision to create different learning opportunities for students outside the classroom environment, Masterminds offers Preschool and School League Challenges that cover students from pre-primary to Grade VIII. These are a series of 3-stage national competitions across multiple categories based on age/ grades. Digitally supported by, these competitions begin at the school level and then progress to the state level and culminate at the National Level. The competition is currently held across Math, English and Geography and endeavours to include many more subjects with each annual installment of the competition. Preparatory material is provided to each participating student and is included in the registration kit. Additional resources (extra study material, fun worksheets and practice tests) are made available to students via a free login ID on to provide the best instruction and instructional materials and service that far exceeds expectations.

English Student League

An opportunity for students to develop and improve their language skills.

Math Student League

An opportunity for students to present their mathematical thinking ability and prowess.

Geography Student League

An opportunity to increase awareness in geography, nature and the Earth in all its glory.

Science Student League

SSL is a nationwide academic competition that tests students' knowledge in all areas of science.

Masterminds GK Challenge


This competition is open to all students from Nursery to 8th std. Enroll in Student League Challenge and get preparatory text books, sample practice tests and worksheets to excel and reach from school level, state level up to national level.

Why You Should Participate
Become a champ
Earn yourself a trophy
Get a certificate
Learn something fun and new
Participate in Nationals and win accolades for your school

Every Participant gets
Online User ID
Online Access to Results
Practice Test / Worksheets
Extra Resources
Notifications and updates

Levels In Competition

The competition has a grading system with four grades: 'A+', 'A', 'B+', 'B'. The participants scoring either an 'A+' or 'A' will qualify for the next round. Student League Challenge is a championship that begins at the school level, and then rises to the national level


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