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Thursday 20 February 2020


ALLEN CHAMP is a Unique National Level initiative taken by ALLEN to Honor and Mentor the students who are recognized across the globe for being a WINNER of any Prestigious Examination / Event / Olympiad organized at State/ National / International level which benchmarks the performance of students in various areas like Excellence in Academics, Aptitude, Skills, Exposure and Language Capabilities.

Eligibility Criteria Rules
The students currently studying in classes 3rd to 10th can participate in ALLEN Champ.
The Candidate must have at least one achievement out of the ones mentioned in the table below to be able to nominate for ALLEN Champ.
To be eligible for Assured Rewards, it is mandatory for a candidate to have at least one achievement in the current session (2019-20)
To be shortlisted for the Final Round of Activity resulting into ACR 1 to 10, it is mandatory for the candidate to have at least One Achievement (Mentioned in the Table below) in the Session 2019-20, apart from having highest achievements.
The Top 3 rankers of ALLEN Champ are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in the next 2 consecutive years from their winning edition. They can again nominate themselves 3rd year onwards, consecutive their last winning year. This point has been explained more clearly through following cases.

Case 1: ALLEN Champ 2017 Top 3 (class 5th to 7th ) are eligible to participate in ALLEN Champ 2020.

Case 2: ALLEN Champ 2018 Top 3 (of each class) are not eligible to participate in ALLEN Champ 2020 and can nominate themselves later in ALLEN Champ 2021.

Case 3: ALLEN Champ 2019 Top 3 (of each class) are not eligible to participate in ALLEN Champ 2020 and ALLEN Champ 2021. They can nominate themselves after 2 editions i.e. in ALLEN Champ 2022.

Note : For any other achievement than the ones mentioned below, please write at

Achievements in National and International Examinations selected by ALLEN will be the Eligibility criteria for ALLENChamp which includes achievements in competitions like Green Olympiad, Technothlon, Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan, INMO, NSO, NCO and similar competitions and olympiads. Click here to see the complete list

How to Submit Nomination

Step1 Free Registration
Register yourself online and complete the process. After successful registration, fill up your Profile Details. To proceed with the nomination, it is mandatory to fill in the complete profile information, upload your passport size photograph and the front page of your school’s latest report card. The nomination link would appear after a prescribed date.

Step2 Fill In Your Nomination
Select all the qualifying examinations for ALLEN Champ nomination, save them and upload the relevant documents against each of the selected achievement.

Step3 Verify Details & Lock Transcript
Once the nominations are closed, kindly verify your details thoroughly and ensure they are correct before finally locking the transcript. At this stage you can modify the details earlier submitted by you. You can wait till the last date if any of your qualifying result is awaited.

Step4 Submit Transcript
To verify your details for one last time before the final submission, kindly go through your “My Transcript” option in the control panel. Read the instructions given on it carefully and accept the declaration given underneath. Once you accept it, your Nomination will be finally submitted with us online, after which you will not be able to change or edit anything.

Step5 Get Honored & Rewarded
ALLEN will proceed to scrutinize the details submitted and locked by the students. Based on the nominations, we will shortlist 10 best student profiles from each class. These students will be invited for the final round of ALLEN Champ to be held on Champions Day along with their Parents. The lodging and boarding allowance will be provided to the Students & their Parents, as per their confirmation.

Rewards include cash prizes, Medals, Champions trophy and certificates
For full information click here

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