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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Melio Public Speaking Challenge

Melio is organising an inter-school Public Speaking competition in July

Public Speaking - July (Classes 7-8)
Rs. 299.00
6 - 10 participants per competition
2 minutes 30 seconds per participant
Challenge Duration: 45 minutes
Session Mode: Video Call

Theme - Tangled Tales
We have all grown up with listening to the classic tales of Cinderella, Peter Pan or Rapunzel. This July our Melio Public Speaking Challenge is a tribute to these characters and how they've added magic, drama and intrigue to our lives. So whether you want to talk about your favourite character or create a plot twist in one of your favourite fairy tales, this would be your stage to share your ideas and creativity.

How to Participate?

Parents register their child for a challenge and receive a confirmation email with the link to an e-Handbook to help them prepare.
Video-call invites for the challenge are sent out two days prior to it by 6 pm.
Participants join their challenge link and have an Orientation session.
Each challenge has 6-11 participants competing one by one over a 40 minute video call.
Judges announce results at the end of the challenge. Top 3 winners receive exciting prizes.
Earn minimum points required to the next Level. Read more about the level progression below.
All participants receive their Scores and Certificates within 2 days after the challenge on the registered email address.

How to Choose Levels & Earn Points
Each Challenge subject has 6 skill levels for participants - Beginner, Ace, Hotshot, Prodigy, Ninja & Genius.
You start as a Beginner and compete with other beginners.
Finish in Top 6 and earn a minimum of 500 points to move to the Ace level.
As an Ace level participant, you will compete with other Aces in the next challenge. Getting to 1500 points will move you to Hotshot.
As participants earn points in their current level and level up, they can start registering for the challenges in their new achieved level.
If a participant is appearing for a challenge at the lower level, he/ she would not be eligible for points. The participants are still eligible for Prizes and Certificates.
Participating in a lower level challenge does not affect your existing level.
Genius is the highest level one can reach in a challenge.
Each challenge needs to be registered and paid for separately.
The higher the level, the tougher the competition. It's like they say - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

July 1 to 31, 2021

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