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Friday, 29 May 2020

H First International English Olympiad 2020

The 'International English Olympiad (IEO)' by 'H First' is an attempt to not only locate the best talent in the world when it comes to the English language, it is supposed to be a measuring stick for students to assess where they stand in comparison to other students around the world to give themselves, their parents, and their teachers a chance to focus on problem areas and improve upon them to move ahead of the competition. The Olympiad would be held in multiple categories so that the students are compared with other students from the same level and a proper ranking is obtained for assessment purposes. The test would comprise of a wide range of questions that would evaluate the students on various parameters - Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary, etc.
The test would be held in four grades:

Grade 1                        Classes 05th and 06th

Grade 2                        Classes 07th and 08th

Grade 3                        Classes 09th and 10th

Grade 4                        Classes 11th and 12th

Registration Fee
Indian Students: Rs. 100
International Students:$5
Students may register directly or through school. When a student appears through his/her school, the school gains bonus points towards additional 'Institutional Ranking Points', an International ranking system developed by H First for schools.

Date of Exam: 8 November 2020

Duration:Two Hours

Mode of Exam:Online (Monitored Remotely)

Regn. Fee includes Study Material, Practice Papers

Rewards for Top-Rankers (Every Region)
Rewards for Top-Rankers (Every Region)

Full and partial Scholarship to any of the courses run by H First;
Special Rank Certificate – Gold / Silver / Bronze;
Special mention on H First website;
​Gift Certificates, Discount Certificates;
​Other Rewards from Sponsors and Partner Organisations

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