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Friday, 21 February 2020

ST Yau High School Science Award (Asia)

The S.T. Yau High School Science Award (Asia) [ YHSA(Asia) ] is a research-based competition emphasising on innovation, originality, creativity and persistence in research activities.  It encourages students and teachers to formulate issues with quantitative precision and scientific rationales, with a view to nurturing students’ passion for scientific discovery, patience in investigation, and rigour in deliberation.

Subject Categories & Prizes
6 subject categories: Mathematics, Physics,. Biology, Chemistry,  Computer Science, and Economic and Financial Modeling. Each group has up to 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize and 3 honourable mentions

 All enrolled secondary school students in Hong Kong and the Asian region outside Mainland China are eligible to join the competition regardless of nationality and ethnicity. For example, you could form a team of British, Japanese and Australian, so long as all team members are studying secondary schools in the Asian region outside Mainland China.

Although a student can only be listed in one team in any subject category, it is possible for him/her to join more than one team of multiple subject categories. For example, a student can join two teams, one in Mathematics and one in Biology. However the student cannot join two teams in Mathematics.

Competition Timeline
Deadlines for registration, submissions of research outline and final report, as well as other key dates at a glance
from February : Call for application

     31 May : Deadline for registration

     14 June : Deadline for submission of research outline by email

     June/July : Initial screening of research outlines by assessment panel chairs

     6 July : Result announcement of initial screening

     31 August : Deadline for shortlisted teams to submit full research report by email

     September : Referee assessment of research reports

     21 September : Result announcement of referee assessment

     October : Oral defenses and Award ceremony

Remark: All dates and deadlines refer to HKT (GMT+8)

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