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CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle, has been set up by the Ministry of Electronics & IT under the Companies Act, 1956 to oversee implementation of the CSC scheme. CSC Academy is a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act 21 of 1860), as applicable to the Union of Delhi which has its registered office in Delhi.

The Academy is further committed to teaching, delivering of specialised courses/ training programmes, leadership, communication skills and promotion of entrepreneurship among the rural masses in India.

Keeping in view the broad perspective of CSC academy, the objective of CSC Academy Olympiad is as follows:

Under Article 343 of the Indian Constitution, Hindi language has been declared as the official language of India on 14 September 1949. Hence 14 September is celebrated every year as Hindi Day.
To make the Hindi language and literature interesting, to coordinate with the dialects of India, popular regional languages and international languages, and to make the Hindi language popular at the global level.
CSC Academy Hindi Olympiad is being organized towards multi-dimensional development of Hindi language which will provide multiple choice, value and standard Hindi learning medium.Hindi Olympiad enhances students' participation in Hindi language and literature.Hindi Olympiad prepares the current generation of students to successfully face future challenges after competitive examinations and teaching.

Eligiblity: Students of Class VI to XII

 Gold prize-Top 3 students will be awarded with cash prize of 51,000.
 Silver Prize- 5 students will be awarded with cash prize of 21,000.
 Bronze Prize- 10 students will be awarded with cash prize of 11,000.
 Participation Certificates to all the students and student who secure 70% and above will get certificate of excellence.
 Top rankers school Principals and the teachers/parents may be invited and honored in Event. Management may decide more prizes.
 Awardee declaration- 24th April.
 Award ceremony/Distribution of Award- 4th May.
Registration of candidates coming through CSC Centres
Registration through Schools:
Registration through Promotional Agency
Registration of Individual

Registration Fee: INR 125

18-19 April 2020 , Saturday and Sunday
Time Slots:
Class: 6th-12th - 8 AM to 8 PM (students can attempt their exam any time between this time slot)

Last Date of Registration: 31st March 2020

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