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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

National Space Society Settlement Contest 2020

The National Space Society (NSS) invites students worldwide up to 12th grade (18 years old) to participate in the 2020 edition of the annual Space Settlement Contest.

Contest deadline, prizes and certificates:
All submissions must be received by February 15.
A pdf certificate will be sent to all winners.
Participant certificates will be distributed in pdf form. You will get the link to a certificate when you submit your entry.
The best submission, regardless of category, wins the grand prize, consisting of the space settlement submission being placed on the contest World Wide Web site.
The National Space Society (NSS) invites all 2020 contest participants to attend the NSS 2020 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Dallas, TX, May 28-31. Every year, hundreds of contestants attend, along with their parents, teachers, siblings and friends. Special activities for contestants are planned, including:
The highest ranking winners attending will be invited to give oral presentations as time is available.
To the extent space is available, all contestants who attend will be invited to display a poster of their work.
Special sessions are arranged for contestants, teachers, parents, etc.
The highest ranking attending entry will receive the Herman Rubin Award of $5,000 and give a plenary talk at one of the conference's signature events.
These activities are not yet finalized and may change. Nonetheless, this is a tremendous opportunity to present your work, meet some of the most important people in space development as well as your fellow contestants, and have a great time.
If you are planning to attend ISDC 2020, please see the ISDC Space Settlement Students Web Site. Only if necessary, contact Note: Contestants are responsible for all travel arrangements and costs, visas and conference expenses. Also, minors (children under 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (21 years or older). Among other potential problems, the hotel may not allow check in without an adult in the party.

Students from outside of U.S. planning on attending the ISDC should apply as soon as possible for a passport and (if necessary) a visa. It may take some time (months) to acquire them. If you need a letter of invitation, please use the form at ONLY if that does not work, requests for letters of invitation can be sent to along with the school name, address, and names of students, teachers, or family members needing the letter.

Contest categories are
7th grade and younger: individual, small group, large group,
8th grade: individual, small group, large group,
9th grade: individual, small group, large group,
10th grade: individual, small group, large group,
11th grade: individual, small group, large group,
12th grade: individual, small group, large group.
Additional categories based on artistic and literary merit are also included in the contest.

Submissions must relate to free space settlements. Settlements may not be on a planet or moon, although support activities such as mining may be. Settlements must be permanent homes, not temporary work camps. Submissions may focus on one or a few aspects of space settlement and supporting systems, including mines, activities leading up to settlement (such as space hotels), economic and social issues, etc.
Designs, original research, essays, stories, models, artwork or any other orbital space settlement related materials may be submitted.
Submissions should not be longer than 50 pages unless it is essential to explain the work. The project must consist of 1-10 pdf or jpg files (usually just one). Each may be no larger than 24 MB.
Submissions will be made electronically.
The submission must be the student's own work. Plagiarism is forbidden. No part of an entry may copied with one exception: You may quote short passages, but only if the material is surrounded in double quotes (") and the source indicated. For example: "This material copied from somewhere," My Favorite Space Book. Quoted materials should rarely be more than a few lines, and never longer than a few paragraphs. Quoting long passages is forbidden. Entries caught plagiarizing, even one part of a large entry, will be disqualified and disposed of.
Instructors, mentors or parents may assist the student by presenting relevant resources, discussing core concepts and suggesting minor edits, but the work itself must be entirely student produced.
All entries that are not excluded for plagiarism will be judged by one or more judges on their merits. Once the judges submit their scores on a particular entry, the judges’ scores cannot be changed. All decisions by the judges are final. The judges’ decisions cannot be challenged in any way by any contestant. By submitting your entry, you agree that you cannot and will not contest the judges’ decisions in any way.

The 2020 contest will be conducted digitally. No more paper entries. Click here to register, enter your project data, and submit your entry.

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