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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Atal Tinkering Lab Marathon 2019 Phase 1: Equality for All

Tell about the problems you face within your school and that might just be the theme of this year’s marathon and the entire country will work towards solving it.

❖ Have you ever faced bullying in your school or online?
❖ Do you feel discriminated against?
❖ Are the surroundings of your school unsafe or unhygienic?

Or is there any other problem that you think could be solved for a healthy and peaceful society and its development. Here’s your chance to do something about it!

No problem is too trivial and every problem has a solution.

Remember it is not a sprint but a marathon, so go slow and think hard on what you want to achieve with your solution. Reach milestones along the way and work towards creating a big impact in the school environment and the wellbeing of yourself and others facing the same problem.

The winning entry will not just be a best creator of a solution but it will be an entry that has thoroughly understood the problem, thought of an innovative solution to the problem and implemented it within their school and imagined the scope of implementing in more number of schools. This contest is a part of the phase 1 of ATL Marathon 2019.

Theme details:
Equality for All- Eliminate all forms of discrimination and other types of exploitation against all women, girls and every individual

Share your problem statements based on your experience in your school.
WHAT is the problem in your school that you wish you highlight?

Last date of submissions is 5th December, 2019.

Terms and Conditions
1. Only Indian citizens can participate.
2. Only students studying in school can participate.
3. Submit your problem statement (based on the above theme) answering the question along with your name, school name and class in the below ‘Submit Task’ box.
4. This is the first phase of the challenge. The shortlisted problem statements will go for the next phase of the challenge which is the Voting round.

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