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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

ILO Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is launching its fifth annual Global Media Competition to recognize exemplary media coverage of labour migration. This year’s themes are ‘fair recruitment’ and ‘the future of labour migration’.

For the first time, the competition has a student prize category and the option for a fellowship prize.

The competition aims to promote quality reporting on labour migration issues. Across the world, migrants face prejudice, intolerance and stigmatization in their workplaces and communities. Negative public narratives can lead to abuse and exploitation, and challenge social cohesion.

Entry Criteria
• For the professional awards, this contest is open to media professionals and professional journalists who are 18 years of age and older. For the student award, this contest is open to students from journalism schools/universities who are currently enrolled in a journalism school or university curricula.
• To enter the contest, all participants must fill in the Online Entry Form. No postal submissions or e-mail will be accepted.
• Entries should fall into one of the following two categories: i) Professional or ii) Student.
• For each entry submitted the author should indicate which type of production is being submitted: written press, photo essay, multimedia, video and/or radio. Print and online submissions should not exceed 8,000 words, while radio and video submissions should not exceed 10 minutes.
• A maximum of two entries may be submitted by any one participant to any of the two categories.
• The opening date for entries to the competition is 12 September 2019 and the closing date is 31 October 2019 (23:59, Central European Time). 
For the professional awards, entries must have been published between 1 November 2018 and 31 October 2019 to qualify. For the student award, entries must have been published (or prepared, if in the framework of a course) between 1 November 2018 and 31 October 2019 to qualify (this includes publication in the internal university or school press).

The competition will award four professional prizes (two in the category ‘fair recruitment of migrant workers’ and two for ‘the future of labour migration’ category) and one student prize. The winners will be able to choose between cash (US$1,000 in the professional category and US$300 for the student category) or a paid fellowship to participate in an ITC-Turin  course on a fair recruitment or labour migration topic in 2020

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