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Thursday, 8 August 2019

The AnimeGO! Short Anime Film Competition

The AnimeGO! Festival aims to promote and celebrate Japanese pop culture in Australia through the means of anime from Japan and through a short anime film competition that will feature a different cultural theme each year; this year’s cultural theme is Hachiko. The focus of the competition will be on the incorporation of the cultural theme and everyone who enjoys making animation is encouraged to apply

A competition for anyone who loves animated films and making them.

​Register, make a 1 - 3.5 minute anime film, send it in by the deadline, and be in the running to win a trip to Japan!

​Top twenty entrants will be screened at the AnimeGO! festival in October 2019.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions to be eligible to win!

2019 Theme: Hachiko

Deadline: 11:59pm ACST, August 31st, 2019

Announcement: AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival 2019

20 October 2019 - The Published ArtHouse​

1. The 2019 cultural theme of ‘Hachiko’ must be referenced visibly in the film.
2. The film must demonstrate an influence from Japanese culture.
3. The film must be at least one minute (00:01:00) in length but no more than three minutes and
thirty seconds (00:03:30) in length, including titles and credits. The actual film itself, excluding
titles and credits, must be at least forty seconds (00:00:40) in length.
4. The film must be made specifically for the purpose of the AnimeGo! Festival 2019.
5. The AnimeGO! Festival 2019 must be the first public screening of the film.
6. The film must not be found to be in breach of Australian copyright law.
7. The film should not exceed the specifications found in the Australian PG rating.
8. The film must comply with the technical specifications provided in this document.
9. Submission must be completed online through an application form before the deadline at
11:59pm (Australian Central Standard Time) on August 31st 2019. 

1. Visit the official AnimeGo! website (
2. Click the “Register” button, read and fill out the registration form carefully.
3. Accept the terms and conditions on the registration form.
4. Once this process has been completed, a confirmation email will be sent including ID for this year’s submission required for film application. RETAIN YOUR SUBMISSION ID
5. Ensure the short film meets all the specifications outlined in these guidelines.
6. The film must be uploaded with a name containing the submission ID and the name of the film as written on the submission form in the following format [SUBID###-NAMEOFMOVIE].
7. Registrants will receive instructions on how to upload their film entry via email before the submission deadline.
8. Successful submissions will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours from the Japan Australian Friendship Association (JAFA)

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