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Friday, 23 August 2019

Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) All India Science Exhibition on Food Processing

Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) is organising  Open Day 2019 All India Science Exhibition on Food Processing on 15.09.2019 and 16.09.2019 at IIFPT, Thanjavur 


What we look for:
(I) fully functional equipment
(II) prototypes, and/or
(III) concepts that can be readily implemented (shown as models).

Event categories:
(A) Students of class 8-12 and
(B) Undergraduate students of any disciplines.
In either case, the team can have maximum of 4 participants and a teacher to mentor
the group.

Cash prize:
For each category, the cash prize awards are:
First – Rs. 30000, Second – Rs. 20000 and Third – Rs. 10000.

Contestants may choose to compete under either of these topics:
1. Mechanisation of rural/on-farm food processing operations – reducing drudgery of
2. Low energy/water/pollution solutions for food processing
3. Robotics and automation of food processing operations
4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications in food processing
5. Machinery development for processing indigenous food products

Roadmap – important dates:
Deadline                      Task 
26.08.2019 Round I: Preliminary Submission of Annexure – I and II to (1) Annexure – I with technical concept, novelty, applicability, cost economics, affordability, scalability of the concept with details of participants, contact mobile numbers, school/college name etc. (2) Annexure – II as letter from the Head of the Institution/ Director/ Principal/ HoD/ Competent Authority with your details listed and that they have no objection in your participation.
 30.08.2019 Announcement of Round I results 
02.09.2019 Confirmation from shortlisted candidates for participation in the finals. 
15.09.2019 and 16.09.2019 Round II: Finals Display of complete model and competition at IIFPT, Thanjavur. 

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