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Friday, 12 July 2019

KPIT Sparkle 2020

Mobility and Energy for the Future
Now in its 6th edition, KPIT Sparkle brings industry and academia together to shape the innovations of the future. Faculty and students of undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD courses, from the Science, Engineering, Design and Management streams, of colleges and universities across India, find a platform at KPIT Sparkle. This year’s competition theme is Mobility & Energy for the Future.
2 interesting contests offer opportunities for the country’s brightest minds to sparkle.
1) i Innovate 2) i can crack IT

i Innovate Contest
Solve problems related to Mobility and Energy
Employment opportunities on valid idea submission
Awards up to ₹21 Lakhs for Students
Awards up to ₹60K for mentors
IP ownership with Students
Incubation opportunities

1 PLATINUM - 10 Lakhs
2 GOLD - 5 Lakhs
3 SILVER - 2.5 Lakhs X 2

Registration, Idea submission & Evaluation
31ST MAY 2019 - 31ST OCT 2019.
Grand Finale
29TH FEB - 15th MARCH 2020.
1ST NOV 2019 - 1sT JAN 2020.

i Can Crack IT?
This year KPIT Launches a new challenge related to real time Industrial problems. Here the problem statement is given by KPIT and solution is provided by students. KPIT shall also provide the required
environment, useful Links, and access to data available for research. This gives an opportunity to students for filling a Joint patent with KPIT. This contest allows students to add one faculty as a team member.
Joint IP with KPIT
3rd year UG and 1st year PG Students completing Milestone 1 shall be eligible for Internships
Industry Exposure Program for Professors who are part of the team completing Milestone 1
Win 20 awards of 50K
Timeline for this contest totally depends on the problem statement selected by you. It shall be available on your idea card once you select problem statement.


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