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Break into the world of quantitative finance by participating in the 2019 International Quant Championship (IQC), one of the largest quant competitions in the world. All you need to get started are curiosity and an interest in quantitative finance.
The IQC is a three-stage, team-based university competition running from March through September 2019. Whether you are a student, alumnus or faculty member, you are invited to form a team of one to six individuals from your university and compete initially at the local level. If your team scores well, you may have an opportunity to take part in your country or regional finals — and potentially in the global championship to be held in Singapore!

In addition, when you compete in the IQC you can gain unique opportunities:

Compete with the best teams worldwide, representing top universities.
Learn more about quantitative finance, and expand your educational and career objectives.
Select members from teams advancing to the global finals may be invited to play chess against World Champion Magnus Carlsen during an exhibition in Singapore.
WorldQuant is always on the lookout for talent and participants who perform well may be considered for consulting or employment opportunities to join WorldQuant’s global team. After the 2018 IQC Finals,  winners were offered five full-time positions and 15 internships worldwide.

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older
There is no fee to register for a WebSim account or to participate in the IQC.

Stage 1 (university level), March 20 to May 20: Teams within individual universities will compete against one another for the honor of representing their institution in the national and regional stages of the competition. Registration opens on March 4. Register now

Stage 2 (national/regional level), June 1 to July 7: The leading university teams from Stage 1 will compete in a qualifying round and a final round against one another to determine the team that will represent their country or region in the global finals. Depending on your location, the Stage 2 finals may take place virtually over video conference or in person at a WorldQuant office or other pre-determined location.

Stage 3 (global level), July 8 to September 6: The winning national and regional teams may be invited to compete in-person during a two-day live competition to be held in Singapore or via other means (such as video conference), which will determine the overall International Quant Championship winners.

Top scoring teams from the Stage 2 finals round and Stage 3 global finals will be considered eligible for the following cash prizes (or cash equivalent in jurisdictions where cash prizes are prohibited or restricted by law) to be divided equally among the eligible team members:

Stage 2:

1st place team  - US$ 3,000
2nd place team - US$ 2,000
3rd place team  - US$ 1,000

Stage 3:

1st place team  - US$ 20,000
2nd place team - US$ 12,000
3rd place team  - US$  8,000

To help you get started using WebSim,  try the free, online educational series called the Virtual Boot Camp — 8 different live online courses that cover both basic and advanced topics in quantitative finance, explaining how to use various data fields, along with time-series and non-time-series operators. The Virtual Boot Camp will begin on April 20, 2019, and will be available to all IQC participants.

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