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Thursday, 18 April 2019

The International Finsa Award for Architects & Designers 2019

The International Finsa Award for Architects & Designers 2019 aims to encourage and challenge students to explore and redesign the use of wood and other ecological and recyclable materials in construction. IFA believe that the future in construction should continue developing this way and know it is possible to achieve. The award considers the work of both teachers and students or short term graduates, all of whom will be acknowledged and awarded.

The aims of the project are to:

Reflect on the historical and geographical context, understanding the rich local history of Woodside that carries important meaning for the community.
Serve as a platform to invite and support a plurality of diverse voices and audiences.
House and be a focus for leading arts initiatives and activities and engage and collaborate with community groups active in the area.
Be a flexible or modular design that can be taken down easily and transported to other locations across to borough, where it will be used for other programming and create a sense of continuity for the community.
Be architecturally innovative and use solely or predominantly Finsa materials (a small budget has been set aside for exceptional additional materials).

Eligibility requirements:
Students or graduates being no more than 5 years post graduate of Architecture and/or Design, as part of a team of 2 members or alone.

Prize for the overall winner:
The winner project will be built in the Woodside area of Birkenhead, and its designer(s) will be invited to supervise its construction.

Upload guidelines
File requirements:
Single file
ZIP or RAR Format
150MB or less
Included in the compressed file:

Size: Din A1
Format: PDF
Layout: Landscape
DPI: 300
Resolution: 7016 x 9933 pixels
Any other file(s) to be considered
PDF Format
Raw files you used to compose the poster

Last date: 30 April 2019

For further details and registration click here

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