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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

National Institute of Design Summer Workshops 2018

As part of NID's knowledge sharing initiative, 14 intensive summer workshops are being organised at Bengaluru and Ahmedaba. Summer workshops are meant for students, teachers, artisans, homemakers & professional who may or may not be associated to the subject. These will be intense and career oriented , anchored by the experienced faculty of NID and the workshops will introduce the design perspective coupled with the hands on experience to the participants.

Summer workshops are scheduled in tow phases
Pahse I:
Phase II:
Workshop Details
Keep Clicking - A Workshop on Basic Photography
: Mr. Saurabh Srivastava
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad

Photo Essays
: Mr. Saurabh Srivastava
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Origami and Animation: Folding & Unfolding Stories 
 : Mr. Aakash Johry, Mr. Suman Chowdhury
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Handmade Fashion
:Ms. Sonal Chauhan
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Web site Design & Development for Beginners
: Mr. Ankit Mehta
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Fun with Drawing and Colouring
: Ms. Aarti Srivastava 
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Heritage City: A Glimpse Through Sketching
: Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Bamboo - the future material
: Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki 
: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Pictures through Yarn
: Ms. Sucharita Beniwal 
:NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Typography: Designing Word Expressions 
Anchor Faculty:     Dr. Nanki Nath 
Venue:     NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
 Letterpress & Relief Printing
 Anchor Faculty:     Mr. Tarun Deep Girdher 
Venue:     NID Paldi, Ahmedabad

 Creative knots with Macrame 
Anchor Faculty:     Ms. Shashikala Satyamoorthy 
Venue:    R&D Campus, Bangluru
Design Your Web Presence 
Anchor Faculty:     Mr. Piyush Pankhania 
Venue:     NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
Three-dimensional Embroidery 
Anchor Faculty: Ms. Mamta Lall 
Venue: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad

Storytelling through Sound: Podcast/Radio Play 
Anchor Faculty: Mr. Hitesh Chaurasia 
Venue: NID Paldi, Ahmedabad

Shibori & Indigo 
Anchor Faculty:Ms. Shashikala Satyamoorthy 
Venue: R&D Campus, Bangluru
 Limited Seats are available
Eligibility: Age above 13 years 
Non-residential registration fees: INR 9000 per workshop (inclusive GST)

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