Monday, 12 August 2013

Google launched the Google India Code to Learn contest to make computer programming fun and easy to learn for school students. The contest involves working with Scratch - a programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab.
Eligibility: Students of 5 to 10 from all over India
Students in classes 9 and 10 can develop their projects in Scratch but are also welcome to choose Java or C++. Project submissions will begin from 5-Aug-2013. Google's engineers shall judge the project submissions. There are some cool prizes to be won at the end of the contest.

  • Think of a story, a game, a music show, a cartoon or something entirely different.
  • Create it using Scratch - a fun programming language created by the MIT Media Lab.
    • Students in classes 9 & 10 are welcome to use Scratch or can create their projects in C++ or Java.
  • You have up to 30-August-2013 to create your project.
  • Once your project is finished, submit it on this website.
  • Win cool prizes!
Note for students submitting projects in C++ or Java
Please try to use only the standard C++ or Java libraries to create your project. If you develop projects that are specific to a particular Operating System or platform then please provide detailed instructions on how to run the project and what system features it uses so that we can recreate the environment to judge your project. Restrict yourself to commonly available operating systems and please do not use special hardware. 

Important dates
Registrations open until last date of project submission - 30-August-2013
Project submission opens - 5-August-2013
Project submission closes - 30-August-2013
Announcement of finalists - on or after 30-September-2013
Announcement of winners - on or after 30-October-2013

Submitting the project

  • You will have to create a Google Drive folder, upload all the project files into the folder and share it with the Code to Learn contest team.
  • Once you share the folder, please do not forget to fill up the submission form.
  • Click here to see step by step guidelines for submitting the project.
Click here to visit the project site for further details and registration

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  1. Children interested to learn Scratch can chk this


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